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PESSO Eco Anti-Rat Tikus Cube Repellent Natural Vinegar (Value pack)

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Pesso Anti Rat Cube is made of wax and it does not harm to the human body.
3 simple steps to use:
1) Open the packing
2) Take off the container cap
3) Place direct to the entrance area of the rat.

Purpose to repel the mouse but not to kill cause it was non toxic.

Q: Will Pesso Anti Rat Cube kill the rat?
A: No, Pesso Anti Rat Cube is non-toxic and it use to repel the rats.

Q: Is the Pesso Anti Rat Cube harmful to the human body?
A: No, Pesso Anti Rat Cube is made by wax and natural wood vinegar.

Q: Where should i put the Pesso Anti Rat Cube?
A: You can simply take off the container cap and the place direct to the entrance area of the rat.

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